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Tap For Your Life - Perimenopause is a unique, empowering self-coaching program that utilizes acupressure point tapping (called EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique), positive affirmations and suggested action steps to support the release of negative beliefs and emotions and the creation of positive changes in your life during perimenopause.

This downloadable program delivers five weeks of guided tapping sessions, created for women in perimenopause, by women in perimenopause! Upon purchase, you will get immediate access to Module 1: Making Peace With Your Body, followed by a new module every week for a total of five weeks. Each week's lesson includes an MP3 recording and PDF transcript with follow-up tips and reminders. There is daily homework, but don't worry, it's easy and fun! 

Imagine waking up each day feeling happy, energized and confident in your ability to live a life of joy and purpose!

Limited Time Offer - Act now and you will get two bonus tapping routines:

1. Perimenopause Symptom Prescription is a tapping routine to use when your physical and emiotional symptoms are acting up and distracting you. This is a great recording to use before your regular weekly self-coaching module, or any time during your day when you need some quick relief.

2. Celebrate Your Life in Perimenopause is a tapping routine to use when you are feeling great and want to "tap in" all the good feelings. Using this recording can be a fun way to increase your awareness of all the good in your life, subtly shifting your perceptions of living in perimenopause. Use it often!

Order Now at 20% Off! (Regular Price $99.00)

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